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Natural~Made From Scratch

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Options

cupcakes~ cutting cakes~ cookies

email: [email protected]

Phone: (805)801-1457

22720 Suite A El Camino Real Santa Margarita, Ca 93453

Welcome to Clementine's, we are so happy you came to visit us. Read our story, drool over the pictures, check out all the fun event displays, and send us an email if you want more information or to place an order.

"the sweet and lowdown"

Clementine Cupcake Company is an award winning cupcake company that specializes in organic cupcakes and cookies. We are a special order/catering company that bakes in a health department approved home kitchen. Everything is baked fresh the day of your order if event time allows, otherwise never more than a day in advance.

All of our ingredients are fresh, pure, and locally sourced. We use all organic and natural ingredients in baking the cupcakes and cookies. Some of the toppings/candies that are used to finish the look/flavor are not organic so if you have any questions regarding that just let us know in your email inquiry.

We have recently launched an expansion to our business! Clementine's mobile cookie cafe features 100% organic cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, cold milk, and hot coffee. Clementine's can be booked for your next party or event. Check out the order/event info page for pricing.